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Psychiatric illness is a mental or behavioral disorders that cause a person to suffer or be impaired in various routines. Psychiatric disorders can be divided into several categories determined by the causes and symptoms. Common psychiatric disorders include:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Autistic Disorder
  • Substance-related Disorder
  • Common Causes of Psychiatric Illness

    Factors that provoke the symptoms

    1. Disorders in chemical secretion in the brain. The brain is the most important organ of the human body with a complex nervous system. It is responsible for receiving and communicating various types of information. It also controls of body movements. The brain contains more than 100 neurotransmitters that communicate information between neurons. When there is too much or too little neurotransmitter, it will affect the nerve cells in the brain causing the communication of information to be disturbed, resulting in mental, emotional and physical problems.
    2.The brain damage and brain degeneration. Brain Injury, brain tumor, and infection in the brain can cause psychiatric illness. The mutation of brain cells in the elderly can make the brain degenerate resulting in Alzheimer's disease.
    3.Hormonal Secretion Disorders. Some women may have depression after childbirth or before menstruation due to disorders of hormones secretion during these periods. Certain hormones can affect emotional balance.
    4.Stress. Stress and anxiety often precipitated the symptoms of psychiatric disorders. People who are not flexible or self-demanding often unnecessarily pressure themselves. In addition, pressures arising from life events such as loss of relatives, unemployment, broken marriage, chronic illness, and debt could also stimulate the disorders.

    Factors that cause the illness to persist

    1.Not receive proper treatment. Psychiatric illness can be treated as well as physical ailments. It is also recommended that the patients seek treatments early. However, those with mental illness and relatives often do not want to accept the fact that their loved one has certain illnesses. Some people turn to superstition to cure diseases. As a result, a proper treatment is delayed. Some people who have no understanding of psychiatric medications. There is a misconception that these medications are bad for the body and can be addictive. Hence, the use of medication is discontinued without consulting doctor first. This has resulted in persisting illness.
    2.Stressful environment. Family conflict, improper emotional expression, and poor communication could be factors that cause the illness to persist or worsen the illness.

    Psychiatric illness diagnosis

           Although it is currently known that psychiatric disorders are usually caused by imbalance of neurotransmitters, there are no tests that can indicate which neurotransmitter is problematic nor identify the amount of that certain neurotransmitter precisely. Psychiatrists diagnose the illness based on a patient's symptoms and narration of symptoms by the patients themselves or their relatives.
           However, in some cases, certain physical examination is recommended in order to diagnose the disease more precisely, for example, the thyroid hormone test, brain scan to distinguish from epilepsy, or brain computer tomography to distinguish certain diseases such as brain hemorrhage or brain tumors etc.
           Psychiatric diseases are like other diseases that need treatment and can be cured. Psychiatric diseases are not contagious. But if the negative emotions are dealt improperly, the patients and those around him could become more stressful. Therefore, patients should remain with healthy mental health, learn to relax, and handle stress properly. Doing so will decrease the chance of having psychiatric illness.

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