Neurosurgery - Brain Clinic  

       Comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services for neurological disorders from memory disorders to brain surgery are provided by a team of specialized doctors in neurology and neurological surgeons. The doctors are available for treat and provide counselling to patients with cerebral and spinal disorders which require surgery, for example, cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor, and brain Injury etc. Your doctor will determine the appropriate treatment taken into account the safety of patients as a key. Meanwhile, the physiotherapist will follow up and advise on how to deal with the symptoms closely to ensure that the patients are able to control and move as they normally as they used to.

Working Hours

Tuesday 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.

The dates and times are subject to change as deemed appropriate. We reserve the rights to prior notice.
For more information or an appointment in advance Tel. 0-2431-0054, 0-2117-4999 ext. 2140, 2158