Aesthetic Center

Aesthetic Center is a skin and beauty clinic. We provide skin and beauty counselling and treatment by specialized doctors to ensure safe and highest quality of services with modern and innovative treatment and cosmetic suitable for individual patient under the concept “Beautiful skin and vibrant facial skin can be achieved safely with modern innovation by specialized doctors”

Service and medical personnel team

  • Specialized doctors in dermatology and beauty
  • Personnel with expertise and experiences

  • Services provided by skin and beauty clinic

  • Skin rejuvenation treatment program is a skin care which helps facial skin to become healthier, softer, more moisturized, more radiant, and smoother. By pushing vitamins into the skin, the skin will become more radiant and the appearance of dark spots will be reduced. There are several programs in this procedure by using treatment equipment to help push the vitamin into the skin. AS a result skin becomes soften immediately after treatment. The programs available are as followed.
    • Acne peel
    • Acne away
    • Miracle DNA repair
    • Lift white plus
    • Melasma clear
    • Skin premium booster
    • Eye clear
    • Collagen bright
    • Ultra deep phono
  • Facial remodeling is a modification of facial defects by tightening and reducing wrinkles on the facial skin, brightening the skin pigmentation, and getting rid of facial hair by safe and modern technology certified by institutions of quality assurance. The doctor will diagnose and choose the service that suits the customer’s skin type and issues. Customers may also choose specific services they prefer as well. We provide services as followed.
    • Botox
    • Filler
    • Laser
      • Acnet supreme laser
      • Co2 Laser
      • Perfect white
      • Luxury Bright
      • Carbon peel
      • Super Fine scan
      • Hair removal
    • Product is a selection of cosmetic products that have been invented and developed by dermatologists including
      • Acne treatment products
      • Skin care products to improve
      • radiance, reduce freckles, dark spots, and acne
      • Skin care products to treat and reduce wrinkles

  • Medical equipment / facility

    The Skin and Beauty Center is located on the 4th floor of the premium building. It is spacious and beautifully decorated. There is a room especially for counseling services.

  • 2 screening/diagnosis rooms
  • 2 laser rooms
  • 2 treatment rooms

  • Working Hours

    Monday - Saturday 12.00 – 19.00 hrs.
    Sunday 11.00 – 18.00 hrs.

    The dates and times are subject to change as deemed appropriate. We reserve the rights to prior notice. For more information or an appointment in advance Tel. 0-2431-0054, 0-2117-4999 ext. 2430, 2431

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