Question: Nok I’d like to ask about injection for weight loss. How much is it and how many injections do I have to take? Answer: Dr. Sa-nga Tawalwiwattanakul (physician) Excess weight or obesity, in medical terms, means that there is excess body mass index which leads to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint problems or some types of cancer, for instance. To maintain body weight in medical terms is to prevent such diseases, with no aesthetic purposes. The accurate and effective treatment focuses on behavioral change on food consumption and exercise. If the behavioral change is not effective, medication might be another option. However, using medication must be done very carefully because there might be some side effects and the result is not sustainable if the behavior remains the same. I do not recommend injection for weight loss.
Question: Ms. Pimrapee I’d like to take my son for RSV flu vaccination. What do I have to do? Answer: Dr. Panudda Susanthitapong (pediatrician, specialized in gastrointestinal and liver diseases) Flu vaccines can be obtained every day 24 hours at pediatric center, Mahachai 2 Hospital. There is still no vaccine to prevent RSV at the moment. I suggest avoiding contact with patient, often washing your hands and avoiding crowded places during the epidemic period.
Question: Anya I’m female, aged 37, office worker, 1 child. My period came on 11 August and then again on 24 August. I met a doctor and took hormonal pills on the 26th. The period came of 5 September. My ovulation was on 17-18 September. I had sex with my husband. I had urine test for pregnancy on 7 October but no sign of pregnancy. My symptom from 2 October until now is that I’ve been feeling a little nausea, mild menstrual pain. I felt a bit warm but no fever. My period hasn’t started yet. Is this hormonal imbalance? Answer: Dr. Jakkrapong Sakserichai (gynecologist) It can be hormonal imbalance. I suggest that you come in and see and doctor for further check-up such as ultrasound.
Question: Ms. Pannarat I have a back ache near the left costa border which also expands to my left leg. How can I begin to treat this? Any suggestions? Answer: Dr. Sa-nga Tawalwiwattanakul (physician) Back ache at the costa border to the leg may be caused by muscular pain. However, a detailed check-up must be take place around the pain area such as lungs, kidneys and spine. I suggest seeing a doctor for a thorough exam.
Question: Ms. Anussara Hi, my mother is now 49 years old. She had chest pain and hard time breathing. She is also depressed and talks less. I had her checked up at a hospital and they said she was fine. I’d like to know if this is the symptom of menopause or panic disorder? How can this be treated? Answer: Dr. Sa-nga Tawalwiwattanakul (physician) Chest pain can have several causes. It might be disorders involving lungs or heart. We have to ask more questions with the patient and do more tests. If she had already done tests with doctor, you can inquire him. For the depressive symptoms, it may or may not be related to the chest pain. This cannot be concluded. She should visit doctor for a detailed examination.
Question: Ms. Saengpenpuk I had removed my uterus and one ovary. Do I still have to have pelvic exam every year? Answer: Dr. Thomsin Wiruchpongsanon (gynecologist) You still have to have pelvic exam and pap smear test. However, the chance of disease is reduced because of your earlier removals.
Question: Ms.Orn-Uma I always have infection in the tonsil glands. Can I remove them? How much is the removal? Answer: Dr. Attakorn Meenetrkam (specialist in otorhinolaryngology) If you have infection in the tonsil glands more than three times a year, the glands should be removed. I suggest visiting a specialist in otorhinolaryngology at Mahachai 2 Hospital. For further information or appointment tel. 0-2117-4999, 0-2431-0054 ext. 2240-2241
Question: Ms. Areewan If I had toxoplasmosis (but I was cured), and I have a pet cat. How should I avoid having the disease again? Answer: Dr. Sa-nga Tawalwiwattanakul (physician) Cats that carry toxoplasmosis will spread the parasite through their feces. Other animals, such as pigs, sheep, rats and birds, etc. eat food that infected with toxoplasmosis will get the parasite in their system. Human can be infected by consuming meat that is not cooked properly, or by being in the infected environment. To prevent the infection, avoid half-cooked meat, thoroughly wash hands after touching your pets and before cooking or dining.
I began to lose weight by running 3 kilometers per day for two weeks now. I lost 6 kilograms. I eat two meals a day, lunch and dinner (on some days). My friends asked to join a hot pot meal in two weeks. I think I will go just to reward myself. Do you think there will be yo-yo effect if I eat too much? Answer: Dr. Sa-nga Tawalwiwattanakul (physician) One hot pot meal is fine. Watch what you eat, for example, no sweets, no fats. You can have 3 meals a day and don’t skip meals. Diet should be done constantly, together with appropriate exercises, weight lost can be achieved.
Question: Ms. Wethanee I have chocolate cyst for the second time. On 12 August 2015, I had chocolate cyst removed, the size is 2.55 cm. Now I have it for the second time, 2.80 cm. After I had first operation, the doctor said I can have a child but I haven’t been pregnant since. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t want to go through the second operation. Thank you. Answer: Dr. Jakkrapong Sakserichai (gynecologist) For the chocolate cyst, I suggest that you come in and visit a doctor. We have to consider again if you have to be in another operation. If you want to have a child, the operation to assess the oviduct. Now we have laparoscopic surgery which leaves smaller wounds and allows faster recovery. You can call in for an appointment Women’s Health Clinic (gynecology) tel. 0-2431-0054, 0-2117-4999 ext. 2266, 2267

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